Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Rendition (2010)

Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton is not a direct adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s works. The narrative follows Alice as an adult. She’s 19 now. A rich man is making her a marriage proposal. Alice is taken aback by the official proposal (Hamish) and finds herself chasing after a white rabbit she had previously only seen in her fantasies. When she pursues it down the hole, she emerges in a fairly accurate recreation of the opening of her first journey. Everything has been beautifully drawn with care. As an adult Alice who doesn’t appear to recall visiting Wonderland in the past, Mia Wasikowska is endearing. Many of the book’s characters are present, and they all appear to recall her from her previous visit.

Characters that were not Present in the Novel

Some key themes in Burton’s Alice are women rising to power, people trying to understand their fate, and a journey toward self-identity. Burton cites Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures and Through The Looking Glass as inspiration for his film, along with the poem “Jabberwocky” by Carroll. The following are characters that are not present in the novel.

Bayard Hamar

A character from the 2010 adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is named Bayard Hamar. He is an agent of the Red Queen and a bloodhound. He thinks that his imprisoned wife and puppies may be hurt if he doesn’t do Stayne’s bidding. He reveals his covert loyalty to the Underland Underground resistance, gaining Alice’s friendship and acting as a rather practical means of transportation.

The Bandersnatch

The Bandersnatch is a giant white creature that resembles a cross between a bulldog, a snow leopard, and a bear in the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland. It has long hair, black spots, a long tail, and several rows of sharp fangs. Although the Bandersnatch is mentioned in the Jabberwock by Lewis Carroll we are not actually introduced to the character.


Hamish Ascot is a minor adversary in the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and its sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass. He is an unimaginative and snobby Lord who previously wanted to marry Alice Kingsleigh.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


The lead character in the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland is Alice Kingsleigh however in Tim Burton’s rendtion she is 19 years old. She is a creative, inquisitive young person who cannot abide by the standards of the culture in which she lives.


The deuteragonist of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland is Tarrant Hightopp, often known as the Mad Hatter or simply The Hatter. His orange hair is a result of mercury poisoning; he makes hats. He is a group member fighting to overthrow the Red Queen’s authority over Underland and end her brutal rule. In this role, Johnny Depp is present.

Cheshire Cat

In the movie Alice in Wonderland from 2010, Chessur plays a significant role. He has a snarky, slightly menacing nature, the shape-shifting abilities of a cheshire cat, and a sneaky demeanour.

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit, known as Nivens McTwisp, appears in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. McTwisp has a supporting role in the movie; he is initially seen successfully guiding Alice down the rabbit hole. The following scene shows him escorting Alice and the others to see Absolem to open and read the Oraculum.

The Caterpillar

A character in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is named Absolem. A caterpillar named Absolem may be found in the normal world and Underland, although he is silent there. The late Alan Rickman provided his voice for him. It appears that Absolem is Underland’s, wise man. The characters in Underland turn to Absolem for solutions when there are issues or questions. He is maintaining the Oraculum, a history book on Wonderland.

The Dormouse

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has the character Mallymkun, also known as Mally. She has Barbara Windsor as her voice. In Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, the Dormouse is presented as a white female mouse called “Mallymkun,” or simply “Mally.” She is a swordfighter in training and has a crush on the Mad Hatter in secret (which may be why she gives Alice such a sassy attitude). The Hatter handed her the pin she wields as a weapon.


In the movie, Uilleam has a relatively little role. He is one of the Underland residents that tries to determine whether the White Rabbit indeed found the right Alice. He is one of the characters taken during the turmoil of the Red Queen’s armies attack, and he only makes a fleeting appearance in the Red Queen’s court following. Even though the Mad Hatter informs everyone who works for the Red Queen in a scheme to oppose her for her treason, it is unknown what happened to Uilleam after that.

The Knave of Hearts

The secondary antagonist in the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland is The Knave of Hearts, also known as Ilosovic Stayne or The Red Knight. He is initially shown getting the Oraculum and bringing it to the Red Queen as he shows her Alice defeating the Jabberwocky. Soon later, Stayne is briefly seen misleading Bayard the Bloodhound into thinking that his wife and puppies would be let free with him if he located Alice.

Thackery Earwicket

In the 2010 Disney film Alice in Wonderland, Thackery Earwicket, commonly known as the March Hare, makes an appearance. He acts as though he’s continuously on edge and insane in the movie. He also serves as a cook in the movie, and based on the way he throws pots and plates in an unorthodox manner, it appears that he is a combination of the March Hare and the cook from Lewis Carroll’s original novel.

Through the Looking Glass Characters

Red Queen

The Red Queen, also known as NiIracebeth of Crims, is the primary antagonist in the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland. She is the brutal ruler of Underland and a violent individual who frequently sentences humans and animals to death by beheading them for little offences. She has a challenging relationship with Mirana, the White Queen, her younger sister.

White Queen

The White Queen, often referred to as Mirana of Marmoreal, is a made-up figure from Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. She is based on the same-named chess piece and serves as one of the three protagonists in Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland. She is also the Red Queen’s younger sister.

Tweedledee & Tweedle Dum

In Tim Burton’s production of Alice in Wonderland, two chubby lads are referred to as The Tweedle Boys, also known as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The Tweedle Boys, together with the Dormouse, Nivins McTwisp, and the Dodo, approach Alice as she enters Underland; however, they do not know her, so they take her to Absolem.

Script vs. Novel

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