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  • Topic 9: Critiquing and Reflecting on Digital Humanities

    “How do we make the invisible become visible in the study of software? How is knowledge transformed when mediated through code and software?” This quote from chapter 8 effectively encapsulates the purpose of our exercises this semester. We have been experimenting with various ways to illustrate concepts and stories using code and software. We are not just […]

  • Topic 8: Visualizations – Maps

  • Project Proposal

    Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is about a girl who dreams of a fantastic world full of nonsense and adventures. How has the world of technology brought about this fictional world? How has this imaginary world been created through cinematic and real-life experiences? The adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Victorian fantasy classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, […]

  • Topic 6: Digital Storytelling

    The following is my short story created with Twine: Kosovo Kosovo

  • Topic 5: Distant Reading

    Lightweight text analytics from Voyant Tools include word frequency lists, frequency distribution charts, and Key Word in Context analysis. I employed Voyant Tools to examine word frequencies, collocates, trends, and keywords in context throughout an Alice in Wonderland sample corpus. The following was the corpus given: This corpus has 1 document with 2,161 total words and 610 unique word […]

  • Digital Archives and Libraries

    This week for Digital Archives and Libraries I chose one of my favourite books growing up; Peter Pan. I chose to scan page 11 because I did not want to give any spoilers, even though I am pretty sure the majority is familiar with the story line. The app that I used for the OCR […]

  • Markup & Metadata

    My first video is of a Giant Rooks concert I went to with my boyfriend, this was our first ever concert, and it was a fantastic experience. My second video is of a violinist I saw in Serbia this year the music was so beautiful we stayed and listed for an hour. My two audios […]

  • Reflection on my process setting up Omeka installation!

    When setting up Omeka and my subdomain, the installation process was very straight forward I had no issues with the installation process. The reason for this is that all of the apps are easily accessible on the cPanel. I explored certain parts of Omeka, such as Item types that showed a kind of item that […]