Digital Archives and Libraries

This week for Digital Archives and Libraries I chose one of my favourite books growing up; Peter Pan. I chose to scan page 11 because I did not want to give any spoilers, even though I am pretty sure the majority is familiar with the story line. The app that I used for the OCR is called xScan, the app clearly scanned the page that I chose and was able to turn it into a PDF. The app was very clear and concise, this is why I perfered it over Text Scanner which actually missed letters in a few words, when scanning. This was a great way to turn textbooks, novels, newspapers, etc into pds and be able to carry them all on your computer. It is very resourceful when it comes to how much you want to carry up to the Univeristy. I think that everyone should have this app because it could also help with important documation, you could scan anything from personal papers to doctors notes.

Peter Pan

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