Project Proposal

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is about a girl who dreams of a fantastic world full of nonsense and adventures. How has the world of technology brought about this fictional world? How has this imaginary world been created through cinematic and real-life experiences?

The adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Victorian fantasy classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, has always posed a significant challenge to filmmakers because the literary stature earned by the fantasy world narrative, preposterous wordplay, and ambiguous meanings of Lewis Carroll’s Victorian fantasy classics proved exceedingly difficult to translate into the cinematic medium.

In my following project, I will use twine to plot out key components of the story and each adaptation of the story through films. I will also be using voyant to see what is the most prominent words in the story and then compare the work to the cinematic dialogue. My question is, how can technology change the original text? Does the cinematic version improve the work or alter the original work? My purpose is to discover how work changes through technology and the adaptation of others’ perceptions of text.

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