Reflection on my process setting up Omeka installation!

When setting up Omeka and my subdomain, the installation process was very straight forward I had no issues with the installation process. The reason for this is that all of the apps are easily accessible on the cPanel. I explored certain parts of Omeka, such as Item types that showed a kind of item that you were able to edit and give function names, so they are more accessible.

I chose A Shoebox of Norwegian Letter site because I found the story very moving and fascinating. Siri Holm Lawson, the daughter of Odd Conrad Holm and a resident of Hegra, went in quest of a Norwegian-American cousin called John Holm in 1999. She made some inquiries on Rootsweb and found information about him months later he not only replied to the message with details from her own notes but also hunted down additional information from local community records on Siri’s behalf. Siri Lawson was pleasantly surprised by the collection, which included letters written not just by her father Odd and grandmother Olava; but also by a slew of other relatives from her youth. These featured many fascinating accounts of these relatives’ seasonal cycles and daily lives, most of whom had died decades before. This site shows all the letters where they came from and where they were delivered. It answers so many questions for the family and gives a fascinating insight into a family’s correspondence.(At the bottom of this post, I have linked a website that uses Omeka)

I chose to do a photo of my parent’s cat Oliver he is almost a year old and very spoiled. Now I know most people say that about their cats, but this cat is spoiled; for example, he has his own personal glass that he likes to drink from, and if your bed is not made, he will not lay on it. Not convinced that he is the king of my parent’s house well, okay, here’s one more fun little fact, he will come into my room while I am studying, plop himself on my bed, look at the light and meow for me to turn it off so he can sleep. My second photo is of downtown Vancouver where I live with my boyfriend, we love to go on walks daily because of the ocean air. We are directly between Coal Harbor and English Bay, so it takes us about 15 mins to walk either to the beach or by the boats. I am a big city girl I love finding new and exciting things around the corner. I love being able to smell the seaweed one minute and then look at a beautiful skyscraper the next minute.

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